Suitable Cosmetics

Cosmetic skin care line

Choosing the right skin care line suitable for your personal needs is usually a case of trial and error. The cosmetic market has flooded with various products that are designed for all kinds of skin conditions. whether you have acne with combination skin or an extreme dry complexion with flaky blemishes. There are products suitable for your needs,….

Finding the right ones

The most common routine is to purchase a certain skin care regimen, try it for a few weeks/months to see if it’s working or not. If it is, we usually stick with it for a while exchanging some of the products for others to see how they compare, if all goes well we wind up with products that improves skin texture, health and appearance of our facial skin.

The problem with this trial and error method is that you can easily come across products that could possibly damage or hurt your skin.  you can turn out to be allergic to certain ingredients and / or chemicals and end up with scar tissue.

My advice to anyone looking for the right cosmetics line is,

  • Make a list of the type of cosmetics you need
  • Determine the state of your skin,      dry , combination,  oily , sensitive,  acne prone,  etc etc
  • go online and search for products specifically made for your skin type.

This way you can really shorten the trial and error process and hopefully avoid ending up with products that are possibly bad for your skin and health.

Oily hair shampoo

Clean your Scalp to prevent Hair Loss!!

Scientists claim that there is a connection between sebum and hair loss. Sebum is an oil produced by the body and secreted from the sebaceous glands in the skin, people with acne are familiar with these oils as they usually  are the source of their acne problems in the facial area, but sebum also resides in the scalp where it can do damage to the hair follicles. People with receding hair lines often have a shiny scalp which is a sign for an increased oil production.  The reason why these oils can cause your hair to stop growing is because of the simple fact that the hair follicles get clogged and the hair can’t pass through. This won’t happen immediately but if you let the sebum sit on your scalp for month’s to year’s without washing it properly from time to time, it becomes imbedded into the scalp’s hair follicles which will then eventually lead to thinner and receding hair

oily hair girl

You can reduce the amount of secreted sebum by washing the scalp thoroughly with a shampoo designed for oily hair.  On the following page you can find several good shampoos for oily hair.


Healthy foundations for oily skin

My skin is eating my makeup!

Some people are troubled by it, you put on your makeup and  before the day has even reached lunch, it’s gone. Where did it go? It looks like your skin has eaten it. Could it be sucked into your skin flowing through your vessels??  of course not, but it is an annoying problem which is caused by the following,

Oily skin

Oily skin is the main cause for makeup disappearing from your face, the applied products simply slide off due to an excessive oil production. there are several things you can do though. Depending on the oiliness of your skin you can use an appropriate foundation specifically designed for oily skin. Or, If your skin is really oily and your makeup almost instantly comes off after you just applied it you can use a primer, which is designed to keep the oil from breaking through.

Some people have a combination/oily  complexion and can use a selection of spots where they apply a primer AND foundation vs the other spots where a foundation alone is sufficient

oilyskin treatment

What you shouldn’t do!

People with oily skin often have the tendency to cleanse the skin too often or too vigorously,. don’t rub too hard or use chemical products that will strip all oil from your skin completely, this will only lead to a higher oil secretion as the glands underneath your skin will start to work harder to keep the skin balanced. It’s a vicous circle that needs to be broken, wash your skin 2 times a day to get rid of about 80% of the oil and dirt, but not for a full 100%.

healthy cosmetics

The skin reflects your overall health and beauty. .. For a flawless, healthy and radiant skin you need more than just products that nurture the skin. excercise at least 3 times a week and consume food that is rich in vitamins while not being overly enriched with fatty acids.  Keeping your skin healthy isn’t easy, it takes a strong will, common sense and the right motivation to achieve a well-balanced and perfect complexion.